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Each project represents a challenge within itself. In his unique way working together with people Andreas Schiffleitner's goal is always to put somebody's personality in the centre of his photographic work using light as well as gestures.


Experience professionality

Coming out of a sports career Andreas Schiffleitner is able to combine his professional ambitions with his distinctive sense for situations. Capturing the essence of a moment, Schiffleitner draws one in for a closer look. Putting the spectator straight within than just standing aside Andreas Schiffleitner creates rememberable, timeless photography.

Leave the beaten tracks

Sometimes it's just not enough to show things as the appear to us in everyday life. Sometimes it's necessary to give room to emotions so that it's the viewer's choice to decide in which way pictures appear to him, what kind of emotions these pictures provoke for.

Some of the companies that experienced working together with us

"Als Graphik-Designer, der schon zu Beginn eines Projekts eine Vorstellung entwickeln muss, wie etwas später auszusehen hat, arbeite ich seit vielen Jahren mit Andreas Schiffleitner zusammen. Ohne, dass ich viele Worte um meine jeweiligen Intentionen machen müsste, unterstützt er diese Vorstellungen mit seinen Lichtbildern perfekt, lässt aber dennoch seine ganz persönliche Note subtil einfließen, die aus dem Ergebnis deutlich mehr macht als die Summe seiner Teile. Der Output aus einem Fotoshooting birgt immer auch unverhofftes wie inspirierendes Spiel- und Bastelmaterial, wodurch Konzepte weiterentwickelt und mitunter in zuvor ungeahnte Richtungen gelenkt werden."
Tom Lackner
graphic designer
“No life without music! Doesn’t matter if it’s classical music or rock. Shooting both, portraits and live, Andreas Schiffleitner shows high passion in every part of his imagery work. Maybe you have to wait sometimes a little while to get an appointment but it's always worth it! Because what you get ist extraordinary. Musicians like me appreciate it."
Phil Gerger-Krejci

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